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As the leading irrigation and sprinkler system installation, maintenance, and repair business in the Orlando metro area, our experts at Orange Irrigation & Drainage have been serving the local community for years. We are proud to offer our irrigation and sprinkler system services to both residential and commercial lawns, including brand new installations and routine maintenance, as well as fixing those in the most dire need of repair. No matter what your lawn watering needs are, you can rest assured knowing that we’ve got you covered with the best irrigation and sprinkler services in the area. Here is what you can expect from our lawn care experts.

Anyone who has lived in Orlando knows how important it is to have an irrigation system that is both efficient and reliable. Given that we live in such a warm, damp climate, many local home and business owners often have a hard time making sure that their lawn gets the proper amount of water — not too much or too little. This is where our top-grade irrigation, sprinkler, and drainage systems come in.


Why Do I Need To Have An Irrigation System Installed?



A proper irrigation system is essential for maintaining the health of your yard and the value of your home or business. This is especially true for those who have invested a great deal of time and money into the landscaping of their yards, as a faulty and inconsistent watering system can quickly ruin all of your hard work. We are lucky to live in a city with so much rainfall throughout the year, but nature is too unpredictable of a water source to place all your bets on when it comes to watering your yard. That being said, the best way to make sure that the value you’ve added to your property via landscaping and a healthy green lawn is to implement a consistent watering schedule with a trusty system that does all the work for you.

The elimination of human error and negligence is one of the main benefits of having a high-quality irrigation system installed in the lawn of your home or business. Rather than wasting your time walking through your yard with a sprinkler head attached to your hose whenever you notice your grass turning brown, instead use that time to schedule a professional irrigation system installation. Dry, browning grass can be hard to reverse without drowning your lawn — especially with the unpredictable rainstorms in Orlando — so it’s best to have a reliable irrigation system in place in order to guarantee that your lawn gets the steady watering it needs to thrive day in and day out. Not only will this save you a vast amount of time and effort down the road by eradicating the need for occasional watering purges, but it will also relieve you of the responsibility of maintaining the health of your lawn all on your own.

One of the most obvious benefits of having an irrigation system installed in the yard of your home or business is the convenience it provides. Each of the irrigation systems we install come with automated features that allow you to water your lawn even when you aren’t physically on the premise. Nowadays, most irrigation and sprinkler systems come with an external screen of programmable options that allows you to set the right lawn watering schedule for your unique climate and landscape with the click of a button. Reliable lawn watering systems like these take all the work off your plate, leaving you with flawless green grass and no extra effort on your part.

Lastly, a reliable irrigation system is also a great way to reduce your bills and reduce wasted water. Modern lawn watering systems have it all down to a science when it comes to regulating how much water is released through your sprinkler system and where it all goes. Both sprinkler and drip irrigation systems are manufactured with these capabilities, which help ensure that your lawn isn’t getting over-watered or that it isn’t draining onto nearby sidewalks. All that being said, let’s take a look at how irrigation systems work.


How Do Irrigation Systems Work?



Although the anatomy of an irrigation system might sound complicated, it’s actually quite simple. As previously mentioned, it all comes down to the science of measuring water levels and releasing water where it needs to go, when it needs to go. More specifically, nearly every home or business receives its water from a shared city water main that runs underground. From this, a smaller line runs to your home or business, supplying you with irrigation and tap water. This water flow is measured by a water meter, which sits underground between the water main and the building.

You may be thinking to yourself, “Isn’t irrigation water dirty?” And to some extent, you are right. That’s why a separate line made just for irrigation flow splits off before it reaches your house, managed by a shut-off valve that you can manually turn off if you want to stop the water flow to your irrigation system. Irrigation systems also come equipped with a backflow prevention device, which eliminates the possibility of irrigation water seeping back into the other line that leads to your house. Backflow prevention devices are a mandatory component of irrigation systems, with the specific type being determined by building codes in your area.

After the water passes through the backflow prevention device, it is kept in a pressurized storage area behind the sprinkler system valve. When you turn on your sprinkler system (or have it automatically set to go on at a certain time), an electrical current travels from the control box to the valve, turning it on and allowing the pressurized water to be released through your sprinkler heads. With a properly working water line, irrigation line, water meter, shut-off valve, and backflow prevention device, watering your lawn is an incredibly easy task. All it takes is arranging for a professional irrigation and sprinkler system installation, keeping up with regular maintenance, and having necessary repairs taken care of as soon as possible.



Irrigation And Sprinkler System Maintenance



As with any other frequently-used automated system in your home or business, irrigation and sprinkler systems require regular maintenance in order to work efficiently and safely. At Orange Irrigation & Drainage, our experts recommend having your irrigation system checked at the beginning of the watering season to ensure that all the parts are working correctly. As we previously discussed, a properly working backflow prevention device is critical to making sure that contaminated irrigation water doesn’t find its way into the water supply line that leads directly to your taps. That’s part of the reason why routine irrigation system maintenance is so important for home and business owners to prioritize; it can prevent an expensive safety emergency down the road.

In addition to checking for dangerous warning signs, a spring irrigation system maintenance service will also check to see that the main water supply system is working correctly, from the water main to each individual drip line or sprinkler head. Like an audit for your yard, our lawn care experts will make sure that each individual site is dispersing the appropriate amount of water with an equal flow that provides optimal coverage for your entire lawn. During this process, we will:


  • Check for leaks
  • Run a system check on the automated system
  • Identify dry/problem spots on the lawn
  • Adjust the system for even water coverage
  • Get rid of any clogs or build-up around drip sites or sprinkler heads
  • Identify necessary repairs


While we highly recommend annual early-spring irrigation and sprinkler system maintenance, we also perform mid-season evaluations and winterization services. Most home and business owners schedule mid-season check-ups for their irrigation systems if they begin to notice dry spots popping up on their lawn, their automated control systems aren’t working correctly, they have faulty sprinkler heads, or if they are experiencing any other kind of lawn watering issue. In many cases, these problems are fixable, but only by a trained professional who knows how to look for and identify the issue.

Winterization services are equally important for home and business owners who have an automated irrigation system implemented in their yard. Your lawn will become dormant in the fall and winter, eliminating the need for your irrigation system to remain at the ready to kick on in the early morning like it does during the spring and summer. Not only is it not necessary to leave your irrigation system prepped and ready to turn on in the winter, but neglecting to have your lawn watering system winterized will likely damage its intricate parts, greatly decreasing its lifespan. Our experts are highly-trained in irrigation and sprinkler system irrigation, and have plenty of practice blowing out sprinkler heads, valves, and water lines so they don’t freeze or burst during the cold months.

Professional irrigation and sprinkler system winterization is highly recommended for anyone who wants to protect the longevity of their lawn watering system — even those who live in a warmer climate like that of Orlando. Floridians are certainly not exempt from experiencing issues with their irrigation and sprinkler systems after a particularly cold winter, so we strongly advise local home and business owners to err on the side of caution so they are not faced with a costly repair later on.



Irrigation And Sprinkler System Repair



All things said and done, irrigation and sprinkler system damages and failures are not always avoidable, no matter how well you take care of them. Unfortunately, most drip systems and sprinkler heads are not made to last for your entire life, and many end up leaking or breaking as a result of excessive internal or external force. Whether you’ve found yourself dealing with a pesky critter that has taken a particular liking to your electric wiring or you forgot to have your lawn watering system winterized in time, for example, our lawn care experts can help. No matter what the cause, if you think you may be experiencing a leak or pipe burst, it is crucial that you seek the help of an industry professional as soon as possible. While the safety of your family or coworkers is not always at risk, a burst pipe could mean contaminated tap water or flooding in extreme cases.

Often, leaking or broken irrigation and sprinkler systems go unnoticed for weeks, or even months at a time, which makes it incredibly important for you to have them tested in the early spring and checked for necessary maintenance throughout the watering season — in addition to having them professionally installed in the first place. A properly installed lawn watering system is far less likely to break or fail prematurely, so it’s best to avoid using do-it-yourself techniques you find on the internet and spend the extra money up front to have it done right the first time around. Trust us — it’s well worth the investment to ensure that your irrigation and sprinkler systems are installed and working properly so that you don’t end up with an emergency on your hands later. If you do, however, we are your go-to for professional irrigation and sprinkler system repair services and can handle any emergency that comes our way.


Let Orange Irrigation & Drainage Serve Your Lawn Watering Needs



As Orlando metro’s top irrigation and sprinkler system installation, maintenance, and repair service, we would love to address your lawn watering needs. Our team of lawn care experts are equipped with all the training, experience, and knowledge required to perform the best quality irrigation system services possible for your lawn. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, during which we will discuss what kind of irrigation and sprinkler system is best for the lawn of your home or business. Or, if you are in need of an irrigation system test run, maintenance, or repair service, we are here to help. Give Orange Irrigation & Drainage a call today and our experts will be at your service!



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