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Signs That You Need Sprinkler Repair

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There’s a certain sense of pride one gets when they look out upon their property in the morning, coffee cup in hand, and watch as the light of the ascending sun illuminates a picturesque, immaculately mowed lawn with the perfect shade of green. In this day and age, it’s easy to take for granted the irrigation systems that are available. Most of us don’t have to worry about watering our lawns with a hose a certain amount of times a day, we just rely on our sprinkler systems to keep the grass happy. But like most things, your sprinklers will stop working correctly in time.

Oftentimes, when your sprinkler system fails, the issues can be overlooked long enough to cause damage to your lawn. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a few signs to look out for that indicate that your irrigation system requires sprinkler repair. If you’ve noticed any of the following, don’t hesitate to call Orange Irrigation for our reliable landscape services in Metro Orlando. Our professionals will find the issue and get it fixed before any more damage to your grass. Contact us today!

Dying, Patchy Grass

Sometimes life can get hectic, and with juggling your work life and spending time with your family, you might not have the opportunity to inspect your grass. However, brown, patchy, and dying grass is pretty easy to spot. If you notice any withering grass, this is a clear-cut sign that there is something wrong with your sprinkler system, and action needs to be taken as soon as possible to avoid having to re-lay the lawn, which is a cost that can be easily averted with sprinkler repair. Most likely, the problem is a defective sprinkler head that is either clogged or not has been moved out of position and not watering areas that it should be.

Leaky Sprinkler Heads

Whenever you have the chance, check in on your sprinkler heads to make sure that they’re doing okay. If you notice any pools of water around them or actually witness one of the heads leaking while the system is off, then it is probably cracked or broken. Make sure to be attentive while doing yard book to avoid this preemptively, but don’t sweat it if you currently have a broken sprinkler head. Just reach out to us and we’ll get it repaired immediately.

Issues With Pressure

If your sprinklers begin spraying out water way too fast, or the water just sadly dribbles out and doesn’t hydrate the area of grass that it should be, it’s reasonable to assume that you’re experiencing a problem with water pressure. There can be a few reasons for this. There could be an issue with your valves and regulators. If these seem okay, then it could also be a problem in the irrigation pipes. If your sprinklers are spraying too hard, this not only could overwater your grass, but also has your irrigation system working overtime which will cause it to fail before it should. If there is not enough pressure, well, your grass isn’t going to be getting the water that it needs to thrive. Either way, you’re going landscape services from Orange Irrigation to get your sprinkler system functioning as it should be.

Higher Bills

No one likes to pay bills, it’s a fact of life. However, we all know that paying bills are necessary for a functioning society. Yet, we never want to be overpaying. If you receive your monthly water bill, and the amount has you reaching for a chair to sit down, it’s not because the water company is trying to pull a fast one. You know better than anyone what your monthly bill should be, so if it is significantly higher than average, there is an issue with your sprinkler system. There is probably a leak that is causing your bills to skyrocket. So, if you don’t enjoy spending more than you have to, you might need our irrigation experts to come out and identify the problem and get it fixed as soon as possible to save you money.

Orange Irrigation

No matter what your problems may be, even if you need a brand new sprinkler system installed, Orange Irrigation is here for you. We provide reliable landscape services in Metro Orlando as well as a variety of other irrigation services including drainage, boat dock & sea walls, and more. Contact us today!

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